about us

The Original "Body Shop on Wheels"

Colors on Parade Group is dedicated to restoring your vehicle’s appearance to a like-new condition, using our own proprietary and patented eco-friendly systems and the original vehicle manufacturer paints and products. Our system allows repairs to be completed in one-day, outdoors, on your site while maintaining the standards and quality of the vehicle’s original surface. Scratched paint? Dented bumper? No problem! We come to you!


Accidental key scratches? Not so accidental key scratches? Trading paint with parking posts?

Whatever the case, Colors On Parade Group will help you keep your paint factory fresh.

Got a little too close to the curb while parallel parking? Or maybe the pothole riddled roads of the Northeast have bent one (or more) of your rims.

Our trained technicians can make quick work of it, and get your wheels back into top shape.

Looking to get rid of / hide all your chrome?

We offer custom black out or color match packages! Save thousands from the factory!

Contact us today to get your vehicle looking new again!